Fate Unbound

Chapter 1: The Kython Infestation

We find the party on a converted fishing boat bound for a Jungle Island and on the hunt for an aberrant menace. Joining them is their employer, Grand Scrutator Severius, A gnomish sorcerer named Houpeir Petisse, and an adventurer known as Drake Ivory

After an uneventful voyage, the party landed on the Jungle Island. The party’s unease could only grow as they stepped into a jungle totally devoid of all animal and insect life. After an encounter with a pair of insane spirits, the party found the Kython caves and were ambushed by an Impaler and his broodlings. The party slew the creatures, but couldn’t save Drake in time from the deadly Kython poison. This wasn’t the end for Drake yet though, as something sinister stirred on the Ethereal plane.

On the other side, Drake encountered an apparition clothed in Jester’s Garb, intent on absorbing Drake’s soul and returning to the Mortal Plane to inhabit his body. Drake banished the creature and used the power left behind to do the same for himself, returning to his body as a Necropolitan. Unfortunately, the party had just finished preparing Drake’s last rites and was about to burn the body. Upon seeing the corpse of their fallen comrade stir, the party panicked and Severius called upon the entire might of Pelor to destroy the abomination. Drake’s body was totally destroyed, and his soul cleansed of all evil to undertake the final journey, a walk in Farlaghn’s Realm.

The party continued on, Houpeir calling on his magical might to freeze a massive swarm of Kythons and clear the way to the Kython Nest. There they found a Slaughterking, making a pact with the Vestige Andromalius. The Repentant Rogue appeared to the Slaughterking, refused a pact, then declared his animosity for Severius for burning one of his minions.

The Slaughterking, enraged by Andromalius’s denial, fled with the remaining Kythons deep into the lava tubes below. Rather than chase the Slaughterking, the party deciphered the Kython’s notes and scrawlings to learn more about the Vestiges and what happened to Drake.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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