Fate Unbound

Chapter 2: The Voyage

They returned to the beach around dusk, the darkness of the jungle replaced by the dim light of the rising moon. When they previously walked this beach, the calm was unnatural. This time is different. The adventurers realize that the fauna of the beach is back, but not alive as they had hoped. Tiny sand crabs scuttle blindly and sluggishly across the sand. The party finds the first human victim of the new fauna, a crewmember who was waiting in the rowboat, sucked dry by a swarm of undead mosquitoes. The party fought, party to avenge the crewman, but mostly for their own survival. This was made more difficult by the sudden reanimation of the crewman, who joined the bloodmotes in their attack…

The party managed to make it aboard the fishing boat, ready to escape the cursed island. Little did they know, the power of the Vestiges wasn’t limited to the island. Once below deck, they were assaulted by an agent of Nerull, sent to destroy the undead, then a swarm of undead rats.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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