Fate Unbound

Chapter 3: Westport

Drained from the continual fights, the party chose to freeze the cabin door shut and rest before clearing the remainder of the ship and setting sail. The party opened the door to the cabin and was faced with a Barghest. The fight was easily won, but Houpeir Petisse‘s powers threatened to fail him. With a cursory glance back to the party and a warning not to open the door “no matter what”, he froze the door behind him and prepared the ritual to restore his power. Moments later, explosions, snarls, and desperate spells were heard behind the door, too late, the party realized that the Barghest had become an Unbound. Houpeir fought desperately, using every spell he had, but the Unbound monstrosity overpowered him and consumed him, body and soul. With his death, the door thawed and the party faced the heavily wounded Barghest. Houpeir was nowhere to be found, and assumed to have abandoned the party via magical methods. With no arcanist, the party turned to Severius for the pressing question: How do they sail the ship? Severius in turn beseeched Pelor for guidance. Unbeknownst to him, his ritual was imperfect, and a trickster spirit took the form of Pelor, offering false advice to Severius and leading them directly into a terrible storm. Bolstered by faith, they sailed headlong into the storm and the boat was torn to shreds. Severius, still weakened by the ritual, couldn’t muster the strength to stay afloat in the storm and was swept into the depths…

The remaininder of the party (having wings) flew east, barely staying aloft in the hurricane winds. Kendra spotted the flying creature, but had her own problem to deal with in the shambling undead overrunning Westport. After taking shelter in a quarry, Kendra took in a strange creature named Rask. They discovered the shamblers’ weakness to running (and holy) water and worked together with Lur to cleanse the city. The party then headed back into the quarry to destroy any remaining Unbound while exploring a report of an “engine of destruction” found in the depths. Upon discovering it, it activated, consuming a nearby unbound and using the vestige within for fuel.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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