Fate Unbound

Chapter 5: The Blacklight Tome

The party reached the Temple of Pelor, in the center of the ruined City of the Sun. Nameless converted to the church of Pelor, gaining a new holy symbol and the services of the temple’s blacksmith, an otherworldly dwarf of considerable power. After consulting with the High Priest, the party learned of the existence of a cult dedicated to bringing Tenebrous into the world, as well as a separate plot by the minions of Orcus to secure the Blacklight Tome for their master. The church tasked the party with recovering the tome, which the party accepted. The party then left the city through an exit dug by Rask, reaching the Blacklight Tower in short order. The forces of the tower proved insufficient to stop the party, who reached the top floor of the tower before the disciple of Tenebrous could finish reading the tome. In the ensuing battle, Rask consumed the disciple, Tome and all. His unique traits allowed him to absorb the power of the tome, sealing it away inside him.

To protect the Tome from the forces of Orcus, Rask used his Planeshifting powers to retreat to a pocket dimension. There he sits, kept alive by the power of the tome until the end of time, the final guardian of the Blacklight Tome.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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