Fate Unbound


When we last left our heroes (read: In the last DM’s campaign), the city had been monitoring the party’s progress through a dungeon via magical means as a spectacle for townsfolk and gambling nobles. During a previous encounter, the party artificer had attempted to tinker with the surveillance orb, with painful results. The artificer’s tinkering ended up being the trio’s doom, as his obsession with extra-dimensional technology led him to create the (for this campaign world at least) the first portable hole/bag of holding induced Astral Rift.*

Td36 nexus art
I don’t think I need to explain how bad that is.

Their physical forms disintegrated by the arcane anomaly, the trio’s souls were cast far into the astral plane to drift for time unknown. One awoke as a metal monstrosity, unable to speak and beyond recognition. Another awoke as a worm, knowing nothing of his previous life.

Call it fate or chance or circumstance, but the duo found their way to each other. While neither of them remember each other, their souls do, and they formed a symbiotic partnership. Lur (as the worm calls himself) speaks for the duo, while the monstrosity shelters the physically frail Lur.

*As for the artificer? Nobody quite knows.


DarshivisFeyr DarshivisFeyr

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