Kython Notes

A collection of soft carapace scraps with notes scrawled on them.


There are more vestiges than anyone has ever heard of…Countless. Most of them are weak, powerless, but they still exist in the ‘nothingness’. No sensation, no communication. Nothing but black. Inky timeless black, forever…

The demon prince Orcus intended to use us, in ways unknown, to reclaim the vestige tenebrous from the nothingness and reclaim the measure of divinity he achieved. We have some innate knowledge of binding, but don’t normally bind…

Something’s wrong…the tether of the planes are fraying…vestiges have found a way to push themselves into the ethereal plane, hijack souls, and use them as more than just temporary pacts. They’re piggybacking back into reality on them and taking them over.

Even insects and rodents are coming back…any vestige that finds a way in is taking it regardless of how insignificant. Even the eyes of a spider are better than no eyes whatsoever.
The weak ones are degenerate and can’t really be called ‘minds’ in any sense. They’re just pushing into reality blankly to get away from the ‘void’. They kill for no reason other than to make more paths in…

The more powerful vestiges are trying to consume more powerful souls. A more powerful soul makes a more powerful host, and lets them retain their sense of self…They don’t keep their powers, but they get the minds and full knowledge of whoever they come in on, and keep their own minds as well.

It’s possible that a powerful enough soul would let a vestige keep its own powers through the process. But they aren’t worried about that. They just want to EXIST again…

A lot of powerful vestiges are out in the world now. Some are still there, and at least one is still willing to make pacts and doesn’t wish to leave the void. The others are scrabbling to get a way out of it. They would all love nothing more than to kill us all and give other vestiges a way back into the world.